Yuhuan Haiyi Machinery Factory is an excellent manufacturer engaged in the research, development and production of automobile maintenance equipment and tools. To meet the needs of users, the factory researches and develops and manufactures large-scale truck tire assembly and disassembly labor-saving wrenches, special-purpose tires for passenger cars, labor-saving wrenches, jacks, and jacks. Lifter and other products. With the advantages of being time-saving, labor-saving, energy-saving, and easy to carry, the company has quickly occupied the land at home and abroad and won the praise of customers.

BD-58D is commonly used in reinforced type, BD-58C lengthened and reinforced type, BD-68D ordinary type, BD-68C maintenance extended type, BD-78 vigorously king, BD-88 transmission type and various specifications of the sleeve. The factory to "product quality as a fundamental, high-quality after-sales service for the protection, in good faith for the purpose of operating" rdquo; service in the automotive maintenance industry.

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